Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Angela Allain, RMT, Reiki Master/Teacher, Ear Candler

Massage in Frankfurt, Germany Angela Allain, RMT, Reiki Master/Teacher, Ear Candler, Nutritional Counseling.

Angela Allain graduated from ICT Northumberland College. She has been doing massage as a hobby ever since she discovered her inclination towards massage at 12 years old. Everyone
kept encouraging her to pursue massage therapy as her career, since they’d say that she has
the “natural touch!”

She also began to have an interest in holistic healing and holistic medicine for the past 10 years
now. Since then, she’s become a Reiki Practitioner (9 years ago) and a Certified Ear Candler (3
years ago). During her massage therapy training, she has accumulated the following:

>Relaxation; Therapeutic/Deep Tissue; Trigger Point Release; Myofascial; Thai Yoga; Hot
Stone; Suikodo; Manual Lymph Drainage massages. Also some Peripheral Joint Mobilizations,
stretching and strengthening techniques. <

She has also worked in health food stores for over 4 years. Angela has also facilitated many
holistic healing workshops on the following topics:

>Intro. To the healing arts, Raw food and nutrition, How helping heal the planet helps to
heal you, Meditation, Deep breathing and Yoga, Reiki and Vibrational Medicine and Massage

She plans to continue to expand her education in the near future by adding the following
modalities to be able to offer to her clients:

>Cranial Sacral therapy, Colon Hydrotherapy, Holistic Nutrition, Colour therapy and
also further specializing in Myofascial, Thai Yoga massages and Trigger Point Release.<

She lives a healthy lifestyle by eating organic and raw foods, practices Yoga and Belly Dancing,
swims, bikes and goes to the gym regularly.

She treats the individual, not the symptoms or the condition. She wants to give YOU the best
treatment for YOUR best interest and healing.

Angela Allain, RMT just moved here 10 months ago from Halifax, Nova Scotia where she was living there for 6 years. People kept teasing her that it seems that she knows the entire city and that she should become the mayor of Halifax.

Now living in Toronto, Ontario for only 10 months, she's already well on her way building her Toronto Networking Empire in many diverse communities including the holistic health and art scenes.

Over the years she's discovered that she has a natural ability to network and wants to share her secrets with you with her workshop: Networking Ninjas; "The Art of meeting people."

She's named her new Toronto business "Keep in Touch Toronto massage and holistic therapies". Here is the link to her blog: ( and is currently working on developing her upcoming website.

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